Add the missing ingredient to your team, Roger!

Roger is currently licensed by the FIA (International B, Silver ranking), SCCA Pro, IMSA and NASA. He is excited to join your team to serve as the “pro” driver paired with a gentleman driver or to serve as a co-driver on an endurance racing team.

With his outstanding podium ratio (and sponsor friendly demeanor), he might just be the missing ingredient that you and your team need in order to reach the top spot of the podium in whatever series you compete in!!

Key Details / FAQ’s:

How much will this cost our team?
Roger’s daily fee is negotiable and because his main source of income is his real estate/property management business, he is more than willing to work with you in order to make a deal happen.

Where is Roger based?
Roger is based in Burlingame, California (within a ½ mile of SFO International Airport). Therefore, he can easily travel to all parts of the US or the globe on short notice in order to join your team!

Are there any series that Roger is really focused on running?
Yes! IMSA (GT3 or GT4 cars), TransAm (TA, TA2, SGT or GT cars), Blancpain Series (GT and TC cars), VLN, 24 Hour Series (any car), NASA (endurance events), AER & WRL.

Can I get a copy of Roger’s current racing resume?
Yes! Just shoot him an email and he will gladly send it over!